Monday: Hearty Vegan Spanish Potatoes– This dish is seriously good. It comes together easily, but takes a little while to bake. Potatoes, am I right? If you don’t have saffron, substitute paprika. To me, this is more of a side dish. Serve with eggs to keep this vegetarian/breakfasty, or with roasted chicken and a side salad.

Tuesday:  Spicy Chicken and Sweet Potato Bowls– This recipe makes a lot of food. You could follow the recipe, and set yourself up for lunch leftovers, or halve it if you get bored easily.

Wednesday: Paleo Butternut Apple Chicken Salad w/ Creamy Maple Dressing– This salad is easily tailored for your dietary needs. I recommend buying frozen, or pre-cut butternut squash to save time. If you don’t want to use coconut milk for the dressing, try subbing olive oil. Use half the amount, taste, and adjust the seasoning.

Thursday: Mediterranean Roasted Cauliflower and Lentil Tacos with Lime Tahini– To save time, skip the lentil portion and just use canned black beans. Be sure to chop the cauliflower relatively small, to be sure that all parts get spiced and roasted. Fresh out of sumac? No worries. You can substitute lemon pepper seasoning. And if you don’t have/want to use pomegranate, try raisins or chopped dates. You just want to add a pop of sweetness and texture.

Friday: Treat Yo Self. Kitchen’s closed tonight.

Saturday: Summer Cobb Salad– Summer….wishful thinking. Essentially, this is a “clean out the produce” salad. Use whatever fruits and vegetables that you have, on top of whatever kind of greens you like. I love big salads. You can not eat too many fruits and vegetables. Load up, and then you have room left over for dessert.

Sunday: Magic Mushroom Sauce– This stuff is seriously easy and seriously delicious. You will not taste the cashews, but if you’re not a mushroom fan- I’m sorry. This recipe post gives many examples for how to use this sauce. It’s a perfect vegan replacement for alfredo sauce, is delicious on chicken, or mixed with quinoa and vegetables and baked as a casserole.


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