Consider us, “On a break,” until January. Please feel free to contact me for any questions you may have, &/or for any recipes you may be in need of. And, you can always scroll through the recipe archives and check out my Pinterest page for recipes too.

Enjoy December…see you next year!


So, I’m really not inspired to write anything informative today. I’m just going to cut to the menu plan and insert this video that you can view at your leisure.


Monday: Kale Salad Bowl– Gluten free and vegetarian. Skip the cheese to make this vegan.

Tuesday: Vegan Pad Thai-Vegan; use g-free soy sauce if you need to. The shirataki noodles can be replaced with spaghetti squash, zoodles, or rice noodles. This would also be great with chicken or shrimp added.

Wednesday: Spicy Brazilian Bowls– Vegetarian and gluten free. Can be made vegan by using dairy free sour cream or yogurt. I always serve this with plain rice…its saves time, and I don’t think the extra flavors are needed.

Thursday: Oven Roasted Teriyaki Glazed Sweet Potatoes– This is a very simple recipe, that needs more to go along with it. Definitely serve with rice or quinoa. You can also double the marinade, and add other vegetables and/or a protein to make more substantial.

Friday: Paleo Bang Bang Shrimp Tacos– Tacos…who doesn’t like tacos?

Saturday: Kebobs and Creamy Tahini Greek Pasta Salad– For the kebabs, do whatever you want! All meat, all veggie, a combo…marinate the night before, or do a dry rub the day of. Try and get the pasta salad made early in the day to let the flavors get all in it. If using gluten free pasta (and you make this early in the day), you may need to sprinkle on a little olive oil and stir before serving. Taste and see.

Sunday: Creamy Vegetable Pot Pie– Vegan; use another biscuit topping such as this one (Paleo Pot Pie) to make gluten free. I always add more vegetables, and sometimes shredded chicken.

What an exciting day! Normally Monday is not the coolest of the days, but I’m going to Target AND grocery shopping, and for me that is the epitome of fun. It doesn’t take much these days. The reason I love grocery shopping, is that I love to eat. I get to go buy all of my fuel for the week. I love seeing my produce drawers jammed packed at the beginning of the week, and then by Sunday evening there’s just a rogue lemon and a few carrots left. I am 100% onboard with paying more for quality produce and ingredients now, because I feel that it will prevent me from having to eat a handful of pills every day.

Also, VOTE tomorrow if you haven’t already! Why? Because you’re an adult, it’s your right, and you get a free sticker. Remember, if you’re not thrilled by any of you choices, you can always write me in. I’m fair, but firm. And if you don’t like any of these choices for meals this week, scroll the archives.

Monday: No Fry Vegan Vegetable Manchurian– Take note: the first ingredient is 2 cups finely chopped vegetables, and then a bunch of veggies are listed as examples. You don’t need the 2 cups plus the listed examples…make sense? I don’t have the special pan this recipe uses, so I’ll make balls and put them on a pan and bake flipping halfway through…I’m thinking 425° for 15-20, to get them nice and crispy. I plan to serve this atop of spaghetti squash to keep this low carb.

Tuesday: Smashed Plantain Pulled Pork Sliders– Paleo- I hope you remembered to save your leftover pork from Sunday! If not, this is not going to be the 10 minute meal I intended. If you can’t find plantains, I bet this would work with potatoes…you’d had to slice them pretty thick for the same effect…maybe 1/2 inch? Also, the fry time will probably be different; probably 1-2 additional minutes per side.

Wednesday: Low Carb “Sweet Potato” Casserole with Your Choice of Protein- To save a lot of time, use 2 cans of butternut squash puree and a bag of pre-riced cauliflower. I don’t think I’ll use the full 2 cups of pecans this recipe calls for….it’s just too much for my liking. Also, I suggest not adding all of the sweetener called for in the topping…maybe just use half, taste, and re-attack.

Thursday: Moroccan Spiced Sweet Potato and Carrots with Your Choice of Protein-  This is one of my favorite recipes. I always skip the end of the recipe with the olives, parsley, and lemon juice. Just my preference. I think this will pair very well with white fish or scallops as your protein choice.

Friday: Bibimbap– My absolute favorite Korean food. This link is for the bibimbap sauce…scroll about halfway down the page and you’ll see it. Essentially, this meal is rice topped with sautéed vegetables, meat, and a fried egg. You can make yours vegan by only using vegetables and skipping the fried egg; vegetarian by skipping the meat; or cater to omnivores with vegetables, meat, and the fried egg. As a base you can use rice, quinoa, or cauliflower rice. And you’re probably going to want to double the sauce recipe, because it’s just so good. ***Be sure to check the ingredients on your Korean chili paste, as many have wheat in them. I was able to find a gluten free brand on Amazon.

Saturday: Honey Chipotle Portobello Burgers with Mustard Slaw– This one is pretty self explanatory. You could use the marinade/rub and add it to ground beef if you’re so inclined.

Sunday: White Chicken Chili– Gluten and dairy free. I plan to use chicken breasts, but besides that, this seems like a pretty sound recipe! If you eat dairy, feel free to use heavy cream or whole milk in place of the coconut milk.