I work it out

You know what’s really easy to not do? Exercise. And the more you neglect it, the easier it becomes to just forget about its existence and live in a blissful state of ignorance until you put on jeans. Screw you, jeans. You truth-telling ambassadors of Autumn. Anyway. We must participate in some form of exercise, as it really is essential for physical and mental health. There are two keys for being successful in any exercise regimen: enjoyment and time. Both can be a bit tricky, because this can involve trial and error.

Let’s use me as an example. I am inherently lazy. There is nothing I love more than laying around watching Investigation Discovery or The Golden Girls. I could literally do this 16 hours a day. However…I also love food. And I also love wine. Mmmmm, and brownies. And sugar cookies with frosting. Man, those are so good. And, you know, french fries with fry sauce are some next level shizz. So, clearly, something has to give. Thus, I exercise. I didn’t start, “working out,” until my early 20’s…and then I would spend a lot of time on the Elliptical…because? I don’t know why. But I hated it, so it became really easy to just not do. This also led me to the realization that I detest going to the gym. Through lots of trial and error, I have come to find a regimen that works for me. I like to combine walking/hiking, lifting (for my upper body), Pilates, and Yoga. I do not do each one of these every day. But, I do try and do something every day. I enjoy each of these activities, and I feel the best, and feel that I look the best when I am able to maintain my routine. Weekends are not structured, and are definitely lighter…or, nothing at all- which is also essential for muscle recuperation.

Like I said, I do not like going to the gym…and I really don’t like paying for exercise. Years ago I bought a Pilates reformer on Groupon, and it was some of the best money I’ve ever spent. Yoga mats- chump change. Shoes to walk in…you need those anyway. The weightlifting  rack…ok, that was in investment. But think of all the gas money saved! And the fact that I know exactly who has sweat on our bench, makes it worth it.

Right now, I’m in a transitional phase, and don’t have access to my usual gear. Weather permitting, I still like to get outside everyday for a walk. On days when that’s not feasible, I like to supplement with this video by Relentless Jake. It’s low impact and only 25 minutes, but you will be sweaty and tired at the end of it. I find Jake to be relatable…he messes up, falls over, gets tired. He’s goofy, but not on an annoying Tony Horton level. I do this workout with 5lb weights…by round three I want to toss them out the window.

YouTube is an incredible resource for Yoga and Pilates. My favorite Yoga channels are Yoga with Adriene and Brett Larkin Yoga. Again, I find Adriene to be relatable. She’s great at explanations for beginners, and not too…yoga-y (you don’t have to imagine yourself as a grain of sand in the bottom of the ocean). She also offers (free) programs like 30 Days of Yoga and Yoga Camp. Now, Brett Larkin Yoga will leave you a sweaty mess. She is no joke. I just signed up for her Chakra Challenge (again, free) that begins on September 12. Sign up and do it with me!!! Another great (free) Yoga series…especially for beginners is 30 Days of Yoga with Erin Motz. Each video is only about 15 minutes, and it’s a great way to see if you actually like yoga. I just started Erin’s Bad Yogi Perfect Body Yoga Program. This one is not free, but it’s a structured 8 week program, and I needed something to keep me in line until my life is once again organized. The “Perfect Body,” refers to creating the healthiest version of the body you already have, fyi. As for Pilates…there are lots of reformer-free workouts available. Fitness Blender has a good video…it’s an hour, though. But, there are so many 30 minute workouts available.

The whole point of this incessant rambling is: You have the time and the resources to exercise. You just have to prioritize! I know that there are tons of obstacles that can get in the way, but you have to figure out a way to get around them. Don’t have 30 minutes? Well, do 10 minutes, pause the video, and come back when you can. This doesn’t have to be difficult, and there are so many options that cost nothing.  You don’t have to kill yourself for hours a day. There are other ways to get in shape besides running and HIIT. If you ever hear me say that I went running or did a burpee, have me committed. Clearly aliens have taken over my body and I am a shell of my former self.

Does this still sound daunting? Well, contact me and I’ll help you through it!


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