Y’all: It’s July (pretty sure you know how to read a calendar). Let’s get this month started with some healthy meals! Mmmmkay???

Monday: Happy 4th of July! Hopefully you’re enjoying a sun-filled; easy-paced; red, white and blue accessorized day. The cops will be out today making sure that you’re eating something on a bun and having an icy cold beer. It’s mandatory; don’t fight it. If you have the bun, beer, AND some kind of pie- you have reached the Americana Trifecta and will have good luck and fortune all summer long. Looking for some tasty gluten free buns and beer??? I got you. Udi’s is always a great bun option….but don’t forget to toast them! This step is seriously crucial. Canyon Bakehouse is also a great brand (they also have amazing Everything Bagels that freeze very well).  I love beer. So, the past 5 years have been a struggle. Gluten free beer can be so watery and tasteless. But, through lots of tasting…I can share my favorite 3 brands: Omission, Estrella Daura Damm, and Green’s. All of these can be purchased at Total Wine. You can go online, and see what’s available at your Total Wine…they’ll even tell you what aisle it’s in.  Even if you’re not gluten free, buy a 6 pack and keep it in the fridge just in case. I can’t tell you how exciting it is to find out that you can have beer with your friends!

Tuesday: Peanut Chicken Zucchini Noodles–  Be sure to use g-free soy sauce; the chicken can easily be taken out to make this vegan. Want to reduce the fat and sugar? Sub peanut butter powder (I like Naked PB) for the peanut butter, OR use pb that only contains peanuts, and replace the honey with about 10 drops of pure stevia. To save lot of time, and to prevent the onset of Carpal Tunnel, buy shredded carrots and cabbage (a bag of coleslaw mix would do the trick). You can also buy pre-spiralized zucchini. Obviously you can double this recipe.

Wednesday: Vegan Chickpea Tikka Masala– Vegan and gluten free. I know that this has a lot of ingredients- don’t be scared! It’s mainly a lot of spices, and you’ll be happy you used them! They give such a deep, delicious flavor. And if you present this dish in the pineapple? We’ll all be cheering for you.

Thursday: Basil Chicken Salad– Gluten free can be paleo and Whole 30- This can’t get easier…BUT…y’all know I’m not an advocate of low-fat options. You could use all yogurt (dairy or non-dairy), but go for the full fat option. The whole recipe has 3 Tbsp….it’s fine. Sir Kensington’s mayo (they also have a vegan option now) or Primal Kitchen mayo are great. Or, you can make your own: Homemade Paleo/Whole 30 approved mayo. Eat this chicken salad with lettuce wraps to keep it low carb, or use up those leftover buns from Monday.

Friday: Pumpkin, Spinach, & Walnut Pasta: Gluten free and vegan- This recipe actually uses butternut squash, not a pumpkin. I say, cube the whole thing, and use the other half for tomorrow’s dinner. You could also use sweet potato instead. Quinoa could also be used instead of pasta. As for gluten free pasta, my favorite is the Vitacost brand.  The ingredients are brown rice and rice bran. So many g-free pastas have many starches and sugars added. Vitacost.com is my favorite. They have just about everything you’ll ever need. Their brand is always non GMO and BPA free. They have sales all the time.

Saturday: Low Carb Butternut & Nut Butter Curry– Gluten free, vegan, paleo- Use whatever nut butter you have open. I have a bit of cashew butter that needs to be used up, so that’s what I’ll sub. Peanut butter would also work…you really won’t taste it; it’s more for a creamy mouth-feel. PB will undo the paleo-ness, though. Buy frozen cauliflower rice to save time. Or use rice or quinoa if you don’t like cauliflower.

Sunday: Grilled Adobo Chicken Burgers– Gluten free and paleo (with no buns). When I read this recipe I was like, “Where’s the effin’ adobo?!” So, I plan to add 1-2 of the chilies in adobo sauce and some of the adobo sauce to the chicken mixture. Turkey would also be a great alternative here. That’s what I plan to use, as I normally grind up my own chicken (the ground chicken brand that I have access to is…in a word: DISGUSTING), and since all of my kitchen supplies are gone- ground turkey is where it’s at. Also, I plan to make this into a burger bowl. SO, lots of lettuce as a base, with the normal burger toppings. That way we reduce the carbs, allowing you to enjoy some crispy baked fries 🙂 As a reminder: after cutting your potatoes soak them in water (you can even do this overnight) to remove as much starch as possible. Make sure to drain them and dry them thoroughly before baking at 425° for about 40 min. The only oil you need is a teensy bit sprayed on the foil, so they don’t stick.



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