The name of the game is going to be, “Quick(er) and Easy(er),” for a while. After Thursday I’ll have one pan, one pot, and a grill to work with for a while…so the recipes I post will have to work with those options. I just had the realization that my Vitamix and Keurig will be packed up. Me, Vitamix, and Keurig is like peas and carrots…and coffee. Oh well; eyes on the prize. In preparation for a hectic week, I plan to get as much cooking done in the next couple of days. Some of these recipes call for some kind of sauce, so I’ll have to get those made before my blending abilities cease to exist. These recipes also don’t require the oven, which is nice for those of you who have summer.

Monday: Quinoa, Avocado, Peas and Pistachio Salad With Coriander Basil Pesto– Vegan, gluten free. It doesn’t get any easier than this! I plan to use almonds instead of pistachios, because I have some that need to be used. Pistachios fit with the, “greenness,” of this recipe, but any nut or seed will work here.

Tuesday: Plantain Salmon Power Bowls: Gluten free, paleo- This is a great way to take advantage of any Manager’s Specials at the grocery this week. Use any vegetables that look good! I have a feeling that I’ll need a little bit more than coconut aminos to top this…

Wednesday: Vegan Mushroom French Dip Sandwiches– Vegan, gluten free if you substitute with g-free bread and use g-free Worcestershire sauce (if you can’t find it/don’t have it- just use more liquid aminos).  I’m excited about this one.

Thursday: Thai Curry Noodle Soup– I know….soup in the summer, but this tastes really great at all temperatures. And there are noodles and vegetables (and meat if you’d like), so it’s not too “brothy.” The recipe doesn’t call for vegetables, but I love peppers, carrots, and zucchini in this kind of soup. Fill up on vegetables, and you can have dessert later!

Friday: Spinach Pesto Pasta– Vegan, use g-free pasta if that suits you- Again, something very quick and easy. The pesto can be made ahead of time, and then all you have to do it boil water for pasta. This is full of spinach, and has very little oil and no cheese. Lots of calories left over so you can enjoy with some ice cold white wine.

Saturday: Creamy Chipotle Sauce Taco Bowl- So, this is a little made up. There’s a recipe for the sauce, but the rest is up to you! I have chipotles in adobo in the freezer that I need to use up, so you have to deal with the ingredients I’m trying to get rid of 🙂 Use whatever kind of yogurt works for you. To make the bowl, use a mix of greens and rice/quinoa as a base, add some beans, meat, corn, vegetables, salsa, cheese…you know what goes in a taco.

Sunday: Grilled Shrimp and Vegetables- No mystery here. Try a few spice rubs/marinades on the shrimp. Enjoy your long weekend!



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