I’d like to take a moment of silence for my car, Bianca. She’s ok…but I just had to sell her. Bianca, I’ll miss you. You were a classy, beautiful woman. I don’t think I’ll ever have another car that will garner such compliments. It’s time for you to make someone else happy now. Because I gotsta get the hell outta here.

And my sweet friend and her sweet children are moving today, too! So far this day isn’t doing that ol’ outta wack root chakra any favors 😉 The day will get better, though. My legally bound, built-in bestie and I are headed to the Maldives! We had to see it before it sinks. I’m hoping for lots of relaxing, good food and wine, and SUN. Don’t worry; I’ve scheduled a couple of posts to keep you company while I’m gone.

Here are 7 delicious meals to nourish you and yours for the week…

Monday: Mixed Vegetable Satay with Peanut Sauce: Vegan, gluten free if you use g-free soy sauce, liquid aminos, tamari, or coconut aminos. Use whatever vegetables you want. If you don’t like/want tofu- use another protein source! If you’re paleo, sub almond butter for the peanut butter, and use maple syrup, honey, or coconut palm sugar.

Tuesday: Vegan Ranch Bowl– I feel like a broken record…if you don’t like some of the ingredients, use something else!

Wednesday: Rustic Tomato and Zucchini Tart– Vegetarian. Use a gluten free crust to make it g-free. Leave out the cheese, or use a non-dairy cheese to make this vegan. Rustic is code for: This can look like crap, and it’s okay. You can double this recipe. Or serve this alongside some chicken or pork.

Thursday: Salmon BLTs– Because sandwiches are good! Modify the ingredients to fit what you already have. Don’t have salmon, but you have sliced turkey? Congratulations! You don’t eat bacon? That’s ok, too! Mayo isn’t your jam, but you love mustard? Welcome.

Friday: Arepas with Chicken and Avocado– This tastes good, fyi. Naturally gluten and dairy free.

Saturday: Pesto Pasta with Shrimp and Asparagus– You could replace the parm with nutritional yeast to make this dairy free, and skip the shrimp and parm for a vegan meal. I love this combo of foods. I think this will taste great as leftovers, and is probably best at room temperature. But, that’s just my opinion.

Sunday: Greek Chicken Souvlaki– Yes, there are a lot of ingredients. I always leave out the rice for this recipe. I just don’t think you need rice and bread. Also, it saves you from cooking something else. With the chicken, vegetables, and naan/pita…you’ll be happy. I like hummus with this too. And you can buy hummus, pitas, and tzatziki, so really you’re just marinating chicken and vegetables.


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