I’m going to slack off, and you’re going to pick up the weight. I’m cooking dinner tonight, and then I’m taking a break for vacation. We have friends visiting, and are getting out of town for a bit. We’re really excited…and need a distraction from the past month, and the crap-fest that will rain down upon us in another month. No matter how prepared you are, moving is not fun. And overseas moves require a trip through Mordor, surviving Dementors, and then you have to watch all of the Twilight movies without laughing.

So, I am going to bid you adieu until June. If you need recipe inspiration, just take a look through the archives. Lots to choose from! You can also find me on Pinterest and search through everything I’ve pinned.

For tonight: Lentil Tacos with Avocado Cilantro Sauce– Gluten free and vegan. There are many options for changing this up….ground beef, “meat” crumbles, or Textured Soy Protein can be subbed for the lentils. Or you can create a combination of these. I plan to use lettuce wraps…not a big corn tortilla fan…no matter how long you steam them, they crack and it’s annoying. I will also probably not make the sauce. I like chunky guac, and that just sounds better to me.

Tschüß! Au revoir! Ciao! See you soon!



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