The greatest love of ALLLLLLLLL!!!!!

“Learning to love yourself; it is the greatest love of all.” Thank you, Whitney Houston!  Forget ever thinking of working with me….play this song on repeat and you’ll be set for life.

I saw this article today, and it just shows how ridiculous/contrived/unrealistic/sad things can be for people today.

Victoria’s Secret model quits after being told to lose weight

To save 5 minutes, the gist of the article is: She was told for 2 years by VS to lose weight (they had a goal weight for her), and instead of becoming anorexic/self hating/unhealthy- she quit.

How are you supposed to be stick thin, with large breasts, a firm booty, and have muscle? When I figure this out, I’ll let you know. Until then, as hard as this may be sometimes: Be kind to yourself and to the one body you have (in this lifetime!). Chances are, your body is really working for you. You have legs that carry you around all day, arms that allow you to lift people/puppies/weights, a torso that’s strong enough to allow you to stand tall, and a brain that can help you see how much your life would suck without the things that make you happy and bring you joy.

It’s not easy (for everyone) to see the good in yourself. I have struggled with this my whole freaking life. I remember being in high school…about 20lbs less than I am today…wishing that my butt and thighs weren’t so big. Full disclosure: I still think that on more days that I can count. But, hey. Life’s a journey, man. Just keep truckin’. Try and give yourself one compliment a day. You may begin to realize all of the things that you actually love about yourself.




2 thoughts on “The greatest love of ALLLLLLLLL!!!!!

  1. You got me with the Whitney song, I’ll be signing it for the next 24 hrs now. #1 WH fan for life 😉 Thanks for the great read Megan, xoxo.
    And ps – your butt is NOT too big. Shush.

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