Y’all. I’m tired. We “had” to stay up until 0530 last night to watch the Superbowl. For us, the game began at 0030. Who do I think I am? Some kind of youth? Needless to say, my heart is not singing as I write this. I would love nothing more than to go back to sleep for a nice nap, which for Megan = 4 hours. Another great idea that will end in heartache for me. If I nap, I won’t be able to sleep tonight, and then I’ll be up late watching Dateline on YouTube while a man and a dog snore all night, then I’ll feel tired when I get up, then I’ll be tired aaaaaalllll day, and then when it’s finally time for bed I will get a surge of energy and will be up watching 48 Hours on YouTube, and you can see where this is going…

The truth is, you can not catch up on sleep. That’s not really a thing. You may sleep more or less sometimes depending on circumstances and activities, but you’re not “catching up.” You’re only disrupting you body’s natural desire to be in bed by 2200 until 0600. So, look what I’ve done: I’ve disrupted the natural order of things! Who knows what I’ve set in motion? All for a majorly boring game. Should have stuck with the Puppy Bowl.

Monday- Greek Bean Burgers– Gluten free, vegan- Add some veggies by eating this on a giant pile of greens.

Tuesday- Ranch Chicken Salad– Gluten free, paleo, Whole 30- Quick and easy recipe, without the junk. I was so happy that our local grocery now sells Vegenaise! I think we’ll eat this on a small salad with sweet potato baked fries.

Wednesday- Middle Eastern Style Vegan Bake– Vegan, can be gluten free if you sub the flour for cornstarch ***Check the meatless crumbles, because most contain wheat!!!*** Feel free to use grass fed ground beef instead of the crumbles. If you can tolerate dairy, use “regular” butter, milk, and cheese.

Thursday- Japanese Salmon Teriyaki Bowl– Can be gluten free if you use a g-free teriyaki sauce/soy sauce. There are a lot of “extras” going on here…you don’t need to make rice vinegar- buy it, or skip it! There will be enough salt and sugar in the teriyaki sauce, so just make plain rice/brown rice/quinoa/faro/millet/amaranth.

***Tip for grains: on Wednesday measure out whatever grain you plain to use, and put it in a glass bowl with a glug of apple cider vinegar or fresh lemon juice. Let it sit overnight; until you plan to cook it…up to 2 days. Then drain, rinse and cook according to it’s directions. Soaking and sprouting your grains rids them of saponin and phytic acid, which can be irritating for some stomachs. Sprouting also re-activates the life of your food. If you sprout for 1-2 days, you will probably be able to see a little “tail” coming from your grain…it’s growing!

Friday- Shepherd’s Pie– Gluten free, paleo, whole 30- This makes a big pan…if you don’t have to feed many/aren’t into leftovers- cut the recipe in half. To make vegan, use veggie crumbles, or sub eggplant for the beef. Another option is to use sweet potatoes for the topping, or mashed cauliflower for a lower carb option.

Saturday- Primal Chicken Parmesan– Gluten free, paleo, grain free, lactose free- Chicken parm reminds me of Valentine’s day growing up…my mom would make it each year, with homemade sauce, along with red velvet cake. And she would make us handmade Valentines. Your mom can suck it.

Sunday- California Surfin’ Burritos- Aww; it’s Valentine’s Day…aka my husband’s birthday… aka Meg doesn’t get Valentine’s day…my MIL clearly birthed on this day on purpose….ANYWAY. So, the guy has selected this delicious meal. I first saw this burrito on Man Vs. Food, and we had to travel to San Diego to try it for ourselves. It was one of the greatest meals I have ever had. Get a tortilla and fill it with carne asade, shrimp, pico, french fries, avocado, and a sauce that I make by combining mayo and taco seasoning. The recipe also calls for jack cheese (which I usually skip). Or, go to the Lucha Libre burrito shop in San Diego and get a real one.



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  1. Megan! I love these so much. You’re a natural and a pro. Thanks for the giggles and the good recipes.

    Love you. Miss youuuuuuu. Xoxo

    On Monday, February 8, 2016, lipstick holistic wrote:

    > Lipstick Holistic posted: “Y’all. I’m tired. We “had” to stay up until > 0530 last night to watch the Superbowl. For us, the game began at 0030. Who > do I think I am? Some kind of youth? Needless to say, my heart is not > singing as I write this. I would love nothing more than to go bac” >


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