Well that weekend went by way too quickly! Maybe not for some of my East Coast peeps. I was so happy that we didn’t have rain or frigid temps, and were able to get outside for a bit. We enjoyed a fun night with some dear friends, and watched the Patriots lose….that in itself would have made for a successful weekend.

Back at it, y’all. Last week of January! I began January with an experiment…that had 0 results. I didn’t even know that was possible. Anyway, my plan was to not eat meat for the month. Not because I’m thinking of becoming vegetarian; I wanted to give my GI tract a break for a little while and see if I could notice any other differences. I made it 23 days, and after seeing absolutely no change in my weight; skin; mental clarity; stamina; happiness; or bodily functions (Sorry; TMI?) I decided to end my experiment. And boy…did I end it. We went out on Saturday and ordered a mixed platter for 2. Little did we know that it could have served 6; easily. And the centerpiece was a whole pineapple with a candle shoved in the top and sparklers. I mean. Aaaaaaand our friends ordered one for themselves too. Aaaaaaaand their presentation was staggered by about 30 seconds, so we thought the first platter was for the 4 of us, which would have been more than enough. Nothing like an entire restaurant staring and commenting on the amount of food on your table. But, I understand the owner’s motives for not telling us to share one platter…he made an extra €45.

Alright. These dishes will fill you up, without making people stare. And just because I’m eating meat again, doesn’t mean I plan to every day. Healing the world, the only way I know how…

Monday: Sweet Potato Gnocchi– Don’t be afraid of this! I think it sounds exciting to make homemade gnocchi, but you can buy it pre-made too. This is a gluten free recipe, it’s vegetarian (Hello?! Meatless Monday), and can easily be vegan if you use a butter substitute like Earth Balance.

Tuesday: Sticky Chicken and Veggie bowl– I love a good bowl! I’ll serve this atop quinoa to get some more protein and carbs. This could easily be made vegan…just add more vegetables, and cook them the way the chicken is supposed to be cooked. Hopefully that made sense. I think I’ll multiply this recipe to have leftovers for lunch, too.

Wednesday: Chicken Pho–  I think I’m going with shrimp instead of chicken. But, you can leave out all of the meat, and add vegetables. There are many steps in this recipe, that I’m skipping…not sure why I’d cook chicken and then rinse it. Not sure why I’d skim broth as I’m letting it simmer, either. Definitely not getting out another pot to prepare the rice noodles- put the noodles in with the soup at the very end. Rice noodles soften in seconds. It’s soup. Throw it in a pot, and walk away.

Thursday: Jumbo chickpea pancake– This recipe states that it’s perfect for breakfast or lunch….apparently you croak if you have it for dinner. I’m risking it. This is g-free and vegan. It’s a single serve recipe, so bust out the calculator and multiply. These will be dense.

Friday: Paleo Thai Chicken– Gluten free, paleo, whole 30- I won’t be using ground chicken for this…I dislike the texture. I plan to put chicken in the crock pot, and then shred it. Don’t fear the anchovies! You will never know they’re in the recipe. Bless their little hearts…they’re so tiny, they will disintegrate. If you don’t have any, you can just add fish sauce (which is just anchovies and water).

Saturday: Tea Smoked 5 Spice Salmon– This dish is so good. So good. There are a lot of steps that I don’t follow. I never make the bok choy that goes with it. I don’t make my own Chinese 5 Spice…buy it. The marinade makes a lot of marinade…more than enough for 4 pieces of salmon. SO, you can cut the recipe in half, or make it all and maybe you feel like making this recipe again soon. You do need a steamer basket, though. The first time I made this recipe I was so feelin’ myself. It turns out perfectly, and I had never thought of putting spices under my steamer. Try it.

Sunday: Butternut Squash Alfredo– Sometimes you just need pasta. Use gluten free pasta for a g-free dish. To make vegan: leave out the bacon, use Earth Balance, use plant based milk, and use vegetable broth.



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