Plump it Up + Monday’s Recipe + PSA

I love food. I seriously get sad when it’s time for the last bite of a meal. So, obviously, I like to eat as much as I can without adding thousands of extra calories. The key to being able to eat mass quantities of food is Volumetrics. Volumetrics is a dietary theory that focuses on eating lots of nutrient dense food. Essentially, bulk up your diet with “free”foods (like veggies and fruit), and eat less “empty” foods (fried foods and cookies). An example would be having a giant salad with loads of vegetables, some protein, and a little olive oil and vinegar for dressing; or having a handful of chips. These two choice have about the same amount of calories, but the salad is full of nutrition, and the chips (while delicious) aren’t doing you any favors.

There are ways to add nutrient dense foods into your diet, without even knowing (or tasting) them. I like to add spinach to my oatmeal. Yea. Sounds weird. I take the liquid that I’m using to make the oatmeal, and put it into a blender with the spinach (a good handful). Then, make your oatmeal as usual. I promise you can’t taste it, but you’ve added some protein, iron, and tons of other vitamins and minerals. Sure, your oatmeal will be green, but if that bothers you, eat in the dark. Spinach is also very easily added to smoothies, because any fruit you use will overpower the spinach’s flavor.

If you’re making pasta you can add pureed vegetables to your sauce- and no one will ever know. Carrots and red peppers are good choices, because they won’t change the color or the flavor.

Do you like ice cream? I think I could win an ice cream eating contest. I love making what the Vegans call, “Nice Cream.” First you need bananas….buy a ton of bananas and let them get brown. Peel them and freeze them. I typically just break them in half and freeze them, but you could slice them if you felt like it. Then, throw a bunch in a food processor or Vitamix (maybe other blenders would work as well, but I’ve only used these two appliances and can vouch for them), you can add raw cacao, peanut butter, cinnamon….or just use the bananas. Once the bananas start breaking down, the pectin in them is released, and you are left with a voluminous bowl full of “ice cream.” *Don’t make this in advance and re-freeze. The texture will change!* If you desire ice cream as much as I do, this is your friend. Who wants a 1/2 cup serving of sugar and GMO laden dairy garbage, when you can eat unlimited quantities of Nice Cream?

If you want a savory snack, consider popcorn. You can easily make popcorn with a microwave and a brown paper bag. 2 Tbsp corn goes into the bag, fold the top of the bag so it’s closed, and microwave until you don’t hear the corn popping anymore. You can also buy SkinnyPop, or Boom Chicka Pop. The point is, for the same amount of calories, you can have 3+ cups of popcorn or 14 chips. And, non GMO popcorn provides you will whole grain, fiber, and antioxidants.

In summation, just do it. Be sneaky. Eat more-smartly.


Monday’s Recipe:

Hopefully you have Monday off, and if you do, I’m sure you won’t feel like grocery shopping. So, here you go….you may have everything already…and you can totally use any and all vegetables you have on hand for this. You can also add chicken for extra protein.

Sweet and Spicy Power Bowl



So, I’m thinking of changes careers. I’m thinking of creating software, that will allow me to spell and grammar check Facebook posts (in red ink- duh). This PSA has absolutely nothing to do with health. I don’t care. I can not deal with the misuse of the pronouns, “I” and “me.” Daily, I see people use these words incorrectly (some of these people are elementary school teachers). I just had a rage attack. Despite what you may have been taught, using ,”I” after another subject is not always correct.  So, how do you know when to use each word? EASY. If you are discussing yourself with another person/object- pretend that the person/object isn’t there…Example: You post a pic of yourself and your dog at a park. Pretend it’s a pic of only you at the park. Would you say, “I at the park?” Never. You would say, “Me at the park.” So, it is 100% grammatically correct to say, “Sugar Pie and ME at the park.” “Sugar Pie and I at the park, ” is WRONG. Big red line going through that sentence. Something else that grinds my gears is, “I’s.” What in the hell? “Bob and I’s new car!” Yo. Use, “our,” like you weren’t raised in a cave. Our new car. Our new car. OUR NEW CAR.

I had to get this out. It’s been a week. And, maybe my husband will be proud that the lovely Master’s degree in English he bought me is getting some use. I am a one stop shop.





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