Easy re-set

There are times in life when you eat too much tan food. You don’t eat enough green food. You drink too much alcohol. You don’t drink enough water. Many of these times in life occur between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. It’s okay. It’s natural to crave more carbs and sugar in the winter…that’s just how our brains were created.

Well, what should you do when you’ve eaten the final cookie and washed it down with the last few drops of egg nog? You re-set. What you do NOT do, is “detox.” Detoxes are harsh, restrictive, and unrealistic. They are begun with the purest of intentions…and typically end in frustration and overeating. I have done many stupid detoxes in my day…maybe I just don’t have the mental capacity for it, but they have never ended with me turning over a new leaf…”Now I hate sugar!!! Get that f*&#ing Prosecco out of my face! Bring on the cabbage!!!!” No, ma’am. When you put extreme limits and boundaries on yourself, you are setting yourself up for failure. Then when you slip, you get pissed. “Well, I already ate one. Might as well keep going.” You don’t need to eat boiled spinach water for 2 weeks to get back on track. Your body knows how to detoxify itself. It’s like, why we have organs and stuff.

Why not begin 2016 in a kinder, more gentle way? Why not begin 2016 in a way that won’t annoy everyone around you? Don’t worry! This is easy peasy lemon squeezey. I got you. Here’s the solution…clean eating! Whaaaaaaaa?!?!?!?! Crazy, right? I’m sorry it’s not more exciting. But, that’s all you’re going to do. You’re going to plan ahead. You’re going to make grocery lists and stick to them. You’re going to eat food, not products…if it wasn’t in your great grandma’s kitchen, it shouldn’t be in yours ( I do believe in moderation, but we’ve got a little cleaning up to do). You’re going to limit your alcohol and sugar intake. If you really feel like kicking ass, you’re going to get some fresh air and get enough sleep.

Take into consideration the recipes that I post…they are all still available. Start your day with a glass of water before you have your coffee. If it pleases you, add fresh lemon juice or a couple drops of lemon essential oil to your water. The lemon is very cleansing to your body. Consider taking Milk Thistle twice a day for a couple of weeks. Milk thistle helps your liver, and your liver processes every single thing you put into your body. She’s a hard workin’ lady. Try making batches of breakfast food, so you’re set up for the week, and not scrambling in the morning. Overnight oats, oatmeal “bakes”, and baked eggs can be made in large batches and will last all week. Plus, you can change up the ingredients so you don’t get bored. Let yourself have treats…but make them at home. This way you control what’s in them. And maybe don’t eat 12 cookies a day anymore, k?

This doesn’t have to be stressful. You know the answers. You know what feels right. Think of yourself as a detective, deciphering the clues to figure out what makes your body happy and healthy.

I’m here for additional information and support, so contact me! Who hasn’t done this? ↓ Freeze it, or donate it…out of sight, out of mind- better yet: stop buying it. Remember, you’re not giving anything up. You’re being smarter about it.


I truly hope you have a peaceful, enjoyable end of 2015. See you soon!!!


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