“Pass the damn ham.”

It’s a short menu this week. You can double these recipes to freeze for the weekend, next week, or whenever you’re over ham.

In the Finch home, we will absolutely not be eating ham on Friday, or any other day of the year. I don’t like ham. Big apology to my pig farming family (This is true, they live in Pennsylvania, and supply pigs for Smithfield hams. Sorry Great Grampy Moses…that’s his first name; name has NOT been changed). Why is ham instantly cold? Why so pink? Is the foil and netting necessary? Give me pork loin or bacon…keep your spiral-cut sweet meat. Last year I bought a ham (not my choice, people), and was appalled that there were Caramel Apple and Pecan Praline flavored hams. *Dry heave* Why? Who has been eating ham and thought, “This ham is pretty money, but, if there was just more caramel and more apple. Oooohhhhhh…maybe I could sprinkle it with pecans and then more nuts ground with sugar! I am a genius.” BOLO for my line of gourmet turkeys debuting next year. I’m starting small with Peanut Butter Oreo and Snickers Twinkie. Trademark.

Whatever you eat this week, I hope you enjoy it with people (and animals) that you love.


Monday: Green Detox Bowl Gluten free and vegan. Use any and all veggies that you like. I never have access to Thai Basil, so just just whatever fresh basil is available to you.

Tuesday: Korean Tofu Bibimbap Sandwiches– Many modifications can be made…use g-free bread and chili paste for g-free; naturally a vegan recipe (I’ll be subbing chicken for the tofu); sub honey or maple syrup for the agave; use regular, homemade, or Paleo mayo (Sir Kensington is a great brand) if you don’t have access to Veganaise; I will probably sub sauerkraut for the kimchi because I don’t know if I can find it pre-made and I don’t feel like making it.

Wednesday: Honey Sesame Chicken– Paleo. If you’re not gluten free, use soy sauce for the tamari/coconut aminos. If you’re vegetarian, you can try using a meat substitute for the “meatballs.” I can’t attest to how things will turn out, as meat substitutes  contain wheat. I think these meat balls would be perfect with leftovers from Monday.


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