This is a man’s world

Another slap in the face: Men are able to lose more weight, quicker than women. Of course they can. So, please do not be discouraged if you and your XY have started eating healthier and exercising, and his pants are getting looser while yours, well- aren’t. We can blame science for this, ladies. Here are the facts:

  1. Men are (typically) bigger than we are to begin with. They have more muscle, by nature, and muscle burns more calories than fat. Men also have quicker metabolisms…normally 3-10% faster than women.
  2. Women tend to focus on cardio instead of lifting. Lifting will build muscle, boosting muscle mass and metabolism.
  3. Our brains are wired differently. In a 2009 study, even when women said they weren’t hungry when asked to smell, taste, and simply look at foods such as pizza and chocolate cake, brain scans showed activity in the regions that control the drive to eat. This is not the case for men. Women also tend to have an emotional attachment to food, turning to food when we’re happy, sad, angry, and depressed. And these foods we turn to…let’s just say that no one is binging on kale.
  4. We all have a “hungry” hormone called ghrelin. Unfortunately for women, this hormone spikes after a workout, and our “full” hormone (leptin) plummets into Middle Earth. Men do not experience these hormonal changes.
  5. And no conversation about women would be complete without mentioning getting pregnant. When women lose weight, our bodies get scared that we’ll lose too much, so it holds on to fat stores. This is the body’s natural way of fighting energy deficits in order to preserve fertility so we can procreate. When women aren’t getting enough calories, ovulation and hormones that make reproduction possible get suppressed.

Well, what can we do?! The answer is very simple- and very frustrating…Don’t give up! “Good things come to those who wait.” Who said that? I hate that guy. But, really…that’s what it comes down to. Keep eating healthy, keep working out, keep loving yourself. Stop comparing yourself to others, stop negative self-talk, stop giving up. Health is a constant journey. You are worth all of the hard work!



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