Everything Zen? I don’t think so.

This morning I wrote a post. It took me over an hour. I was proud of this post. It was informative, helpful, and witty. It would have made you laugh, cry, and become a better person. When I finished writing, I previewed the post (“Great job, Meg!”), and then due to a colossal brain fart, I forgot to,”Publish.” I forgot to, “Save Draft.” The whole post; gone. Maybe refreshing my screen 465 times will make it appear? Maybe hitting the back button until I have blisters? Maybe repeating a slew of therapeutic words (Think 4 letter; not Om) would somehow bring my hard work back? No. I was f&^*ing pi$$ed.

Deep breath. Ok. Minor setback. In the grand scheme of things, what did I lose? A little over an hour. That’s all. Upsetting? Yes. But, when I look back on my life, I will not remember this mistake (and I will NOT make it again). It’s how we overcome these minor setbacks that defines us. I could have remained angry, not posted at all, and created a community of Sour Patch Kids in my stomach. Instead, I walked away. I knew that trying to start over right away would not have been conducive to my well being, or my message. I took my baby dog on a walk and had breakfast…and the break gave me the idea for this post.

While life’s setbacks, bumps, and whoopsie doodles are annoying and always ill-timed, it’s important to get back on track and not get derailed (pardon the train metaphor). Here are a few ideas to calm your mind before you explode…

  • Take a break. Walk away from the situation, and clear your mind. Chances are, it’s not that bad and can be easily remedied.
  • Are you hungry? Grab a piece of fruit, or a handful of nuts…get that blood sugar back up, and you’ll be more likely to make rational choices. Don’t let yourself get hangry.
  • Get some fresh air. Take deep breaths. Shallow breathing is counter intuitive to clear thinking.
  • Grab a drink or a cigarette. Do whatcha gotta do.
  • Cuss, scream, complain to someone. These actions may seem silly, but are quite therapeutic.
  • Try and find a positive spin on the situation

Obviously today wasn’t the day you were meant to hear my original post. At least I have an idea for another day’s post. Boom.  *Spin*


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