Oooooooooooooooh, you’re half way there!

If the thought of two more work/school filled days has you a little stressed, let’s practice breathing. Practice breathing? You mean, “the thing my body has done for me since I was born?” Yes. Because you’re doing it wrong. In times of stress, anger, and exhaustion- are you taking deep, full, belly expanding breaths? I’m going to assume you’re not. In my own experiences, when I’m stressed, angry, exhausted…I’m taking small, shallow breaths. Sometimes I find that I’m actually holding my breath. Not optimal for your body or your stress level. Practicing breathing techniques can instantly relax you. They can be done anywhere too, and at any time when you feel like you may need a minute. I *try* to do this particular technique twice a day (if not more). It’s the 4-7-8 technique from Dr. Andrew Weil. If you don’t feel like watching the video…here’s the gist:

Breath in (through your nose) to the count of 4.

Hold that breath to the count of 7.

Blow air out (through your mouth) to the count of 8.

Repeat cycle 4 times.

This is so easy…men, women, children of all ages can do it! It’s quick, free, and really works. Did you know that it is physically impossible to feel stressed and relaxed at the same time? So, escape for a few minutes…oxygenate your brain, clear you mind, and breathe.


All in, baby!

This has been the most productive week I’ve had in so long! I had a really eye opening coaching call today, and I realized that I am what is standing in my way of being successful. I felt like I wouldn’t be taken seriously, until I had everything lined up perfectly. But, when will that ever happen?! So, here is my new site 🙂 It’s a work in progress….aren’t we all?